Our Team Members

We Aim for Game for The Meat We Seek!

Chris Young

Chris Young is an enthusiastic hunter and fisherman. When he is not home spending time with his loving wife and beautiful baby girl, he is either in the woods or on the lake. He founded AFG to share with others his experience and wisdom with others, and to also help educate new comers to both sports so that they may be successful and can then join in on shearing their stories.

Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds loves the outdoors and grew up hunting with his father. Robert has many years under his belt in the sport of hunting. He traveled all over the country on hunting excursions with his father. Robert is a loving husband and father. He is also a people person and loves to help those around him in whatever way he can. He may not have all the answers you seek but he sure knows most of them!

Chris Hightchew

Chris Hightchew loves the outdoors. He loves nature and the peace and relaxation that comes with it. He is a family man with his wife and daughter but when he gets the chance he is sharpening his skills in the woods and on the lake. He helped establish AFG to be a community of hunters and fisherman, to share their insight and experiences with one another.